Introducing SafeTX

A free Bitcoin payment service that protects buyers and builds seller reputations.


What is SafeTX?

SafeTX is an easy payment solution that leverages Bitcoin multisig transactions to protect buyers, and help grow seller reputation and sales. In a transaction, the buyer pays to a special address (2-of-3 multisig) that releases payment only when both parties sign off to unlock the payment, or when a mutually-agreed date has expired.



SafeTX gives buyers a chance to inspect purchases before payment is forwarded irreversibly to the seller. If a discrepancy arises, HashTrust can help refund the purchase or resolve any disputes.


For sellers, SafeTX provides peace-of-mind for your buyers, and simplifies returns and refunds. It also provides an easy way for sellers to build reputation and trust for prospective customers and sales.


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Keys needed to unlock payments are generated and encrypted locally and independently, ensuring that no single party in the transaction could unilaterally release the value locked in a SafeTX address. HashTrust engenders trust via cryptography.


We employ strong cryptography and best security practices to secure your transactions. Keys are exportable for backup and recovery. Our app is independently inspectable and distributed via the Chrome Web Store.



We abstract the complexities of cryptography and the Bitcoin protocol to bring you an easy-to-use payment process that brings peace-of-mind and accountability to every transaction.


Base58 is a Silicon Valley startup innovating in cryptocurrencies founded by Teck Chia.

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